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Snapplication Oy
Business id:  2970247-9
Email:       Info@localapp.fi
Phone:            +358 452 041 400
                           +358 443 570 966



             Caius Fritz, CEO & Co-founder                                                 IIro Kaksonen, Fullstack developer

We are young Start-Up company located in Maria 01 and South-Karelia. Our goal is to bring the digitalization to the world of travelling. We see that there is not much information provided about local services and attractions; therefore, we have collected all that you need to have a great journey! 

Our first application published in Lappeenranta spring 2019. Visit Lappeenranta has been involved in the development of the Lappeenranta application.
You are using the 1.0 version of this application, and we are continuing to develop it. You have an opportunity to improve our creation for next travellers by leaving feedback as an entrepreneur, a local or a tourist.

We are focusing on expanding our solution to the parts of Finland and Europe so that other towns and entrepreneurs could share their information to all travellers and locals too.

Are you in charge of tourism development in the city / municipality, looking for a similar concept in your area? Leave a contact request and we'll send you a presentation on the Local App and tell you more.

Do you work in tourism / marketing? Contact us if you see opportunities for cooperation.




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